We may have been around for decades, but ‘dcdevine’ is always changing“, said Managing Partner DAVE DEVINE.

“I prefer to work small, alone or with a small team, setting up small businesses and either selling them on, or re-organising them to suit circumstances. At the start, this was about managing risk, but I later found that small meant lean, flexible, adaptable business that is better at personal relationships.”.

“Personally, I have worked in a variety of ways: as a sub-contractor, in partnerships, as a client, and as a freelance consultant — and juggling them at the same time when projects overlap — which is almost always”, he laughs. “Flexibility is key to working with people”.

“Flexibility is Key”

Dave presently offers Building Information Modelling partnership support to construction professionals and promotes using software such as Revit, CAD MEP+, CAD Duct/ Fabrication, and Navisworks.

Professional Architectural Drawings

“However”, Dave added, “We’re still quite diverse. For example, we continue to provide professional architectural drawings on AutoCAD for architects, manufacturers, interior designers and property developers”, using a flexible network of professional and reliable CAD designers. If you need plans for an extension, for planning permission or whatever, then we might be able to help just ask.

“Small or Large, Near or Far”

“I have handled some pretty big projects too” said Dave, “You have to remember that we partnered Thus plc to design all the contingency planning for the Internet’s main telehouses during the Millennium changeover”.

Alta Moda“I have operated as far afield as France, Ireland, Italy, and Sweden”, he added. “Small or large, near or far, I work closely with my partners and clients to get the very best results. Just scan through some of the projects we’ve listed on this site to see that.”

Over the years, Dave has been professionally involved in a very wide range of businesses, such as financial services and investments, retail, property development, property maintenance, draughting, designing, IT support, crowdfunding, web design, and project management. If you have an interesting proposal, please get in touch.

Apart from this site, you can connect with Dave on Linkedin, and follow him on twitter (Dave’s twitter feed is automatically updated on the side panel on this site).

–Tina P Taylor, 2013-06 (tweaked 2015-07)