Hi, I am Dave and this is my business site, dcdevine.com where you can read my twitter feed, get in touch through my contacts page, or get details about past projects if you have a current password.

I kept things small at the beginning to manage risk – but soon discovered that a small company meant lean, flexible, quickly adaptable business that is better at personal relationships, and I like that very much indeed.

I have a small network of vetted and tusted colleagues to call upon, but I prefer to work alone as much as I can – setting up small businesses and either selling them on when they grow too big, or re-organising them to keep them small and managable.

In addition, I have tried and tested every possible format – working as a sub-contractor, in partnerships, as a client, and as a freelance consultant – even juggling them at the same time when projects overlap, which is almost always.

Flexibility is key to working with people.

I have handled some very large projects too – and although based in Glasgow UK –  I have operated all over Scotland, England, Ireland, and as far afield as France, Italy, Northern Africa, Malaysia and Sweden.

Small or large, near or far, I work closely with my partners and clients to get the very best results.

Over many years, I have been professionally involved in a very wide range of businesses, such as financial services and investments, retail, property development, property maintenance, draughting, designing, IT support, crowdfunding, web design, and project management. If you have an interesting proposal, please get in touch.

Apart from this site, you can connect with me on Linkedin, and follow me on twitter (my twitter feed is automatically updated live to this site).

After a decade, in 2016-10, I removed the secure section of this site, and added password activation for each post instead to provide an quick overview of projects, but please get in touch if you need details and passwords.